Lucela’s family, hand crafted Neapolitan pizza

July 2017

Lucelas introduces our 1st pizza, the D.O.P.

This is Lucela’s take on the classic Margherita, this really is our signature pizza and the essence of what Lucela’s stands for.

The D.O.P

Video by Lucela family

“San Marzano tomatoes DOP, Buffalo mozzarella DOP, Parmigiano reggiano DOP, Fresh fragrant Basil”

“We have named it D.O.P as these are the initials for when a ingredients origin is protected, and can only be named if it is from that region. (Like champagne has to be from champagne).
This way you know your getting the best quality.”

The Lucelas Family

Using these ingredients only
San Marzano tomatoes DOP
Buffalo mozzarella DOP
Parmigiano reggiano DOP
Fresh fragrant Basil

“Its outstanding.
We cannot wait for you all to try it!”

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