The Lucela Family

The Lucelas story so far…

Our Faiola family heritage originates in Umbria however we are proud to be British born. Throughout the years my wife Cassandra and our two children Luca and Carmela have travelled extensively throughout Italy and in particular Campania. Luca and Carmela know great pizza so it was only right the company name is a blend of them both.
Lucelas (Lew-chela)

We wanted to create the most authentic pizza’s we could and have worked extensively with Italian producers and suppliers to ensure every detail of the process gives you the most authentic taste.

“the journey begins”

Simply – Lucelas are foodies at heart. Having travelled around the UK to events and festivals we have found that there is always one element of the pizza making process that lets it down, and more often than not it’s
“the oven”

Having searched the UK it was clear early on that nothing would create the authentic taste we craved. So.. off to the home of pizza we went.

Duomo di Napoli
A little prayer to help us on our way

Lucela’s place of worship –
home and birth of Pizza Margherita

“It all started with the oven”

We did our homework and found a family that have been hand making brick ovens for decades. Having visited their factory it was clear they produced some of the best Neapolitan ovens in Italy. Supplying across the world and predominantly Italy –

Stunning drive into the hills to design the oven.

Finally arrived

They use traditional methods to create a brick dome and brick floor ovens that can reach upto 500 degrees celsius. You just dont reach these temperatures without the finest Italian materials made in the traditional way, it creates arguably the best pizza oven in the world (in our opinion). The searing heat cooks your hand crafted pizza in around 60 seconds. The finest kiln dried woods imparts a unique flavour we love and will have you hooked.

It had to be green white & red for our first oven

– it becomes real

Here she comes
– safe journey

…and we are lit!

“Lucela’s Wood Fired Pizza were created”