Welcome to Lucela’s

Food for Italians isn’t a trend, it’s a way of life…
our family at Lucelas Wood Fired Pizza is no different!

We are passionate about pizza combining family tradition, fresh seasonal ingredients and the distinct flavour from our authentic wood fired Neapolitan oven creating a masterpiece every single time!.

Our Pizzaiolo (specialist pizza maker) hand crafts every pizza which then enters the oven at above 450 degrees and cooks in only 60 seconds making it the ultimate authentic fast food.

Lucela – based locally in the North West, provide an alternative catering experience at weddings, christenings, parties, events and festivals across the UK. We pride ourselves on our traditional knowledge, Neapolitan pizza, authentic taste and exceptional service.

Find us at food festivals and events near you or if you want to bring a uniqueness to your own event, hire our family for yourselves!

Keep up to date with the Lucela family as we create hand crafted Neapolitan pizza’s at events across the UK. Sign up to our newsletter and follow our passion for pizza!

Welcome to Lucela Wood Fired Pizza

All things Lucela's "I'm so proud of what we have created and the journey we're all about to start" Lucela's family, hand crafted Neapolitan pizza June 2017 After years of planning and 100's of conversations with my family. The day has finally arrived where I can...
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